SomaLogic gears for faster growth with 6kites Atlassian system upgrade

At a Glance:

Being an innovation-driven company, SomaLogic was making discoveries that transformed the research and healthcare industries with blazing speed. But its mission-critical Atlassian platform was lagging behind. We’ve since updated the company’s Atlassian tools to the latest, most powerful version; and created a clear upgrade path forward. All to fuel fast teams and faster breakthroughs.

Driving innovations through Atlassian solutions

SomaLogic is an American protein biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics company. Among its many achievements, SomaLogic is the industry-leading proteomics solution provider, offers the most comprehensive proteome platform, and has hundreds of patents. 

Over the past few years, SomaLogic has been managing important business initiatives and projects using Atlassian tools like Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. User adoption was high. Teams were sprinting. And growth was accelerating. 

But there was an issue. The software was outdated. By a couple of years. In a highly disruptive market where fast teams and faster breakthroughs are instrumental to success, it’s important that critical software infrastructure does not fall behind on upgrades. 

In a highly disruptive market where fast teams and faster breakthroughs are instrumental to success, it’s important that critical software infrastructure does not fall behind on upgrades

Diagnosing SomaLogic’s Atlassian system issues

The thing with software—not just Atlassian—is that missing a seemingly small version upgrade can be disastrous. What usually starts as a slowing down of systems can snowball into data corruption and security issues.

SomaLogic’s Atlassian applications were a full major version behind. These version upgrades covered many security patches, features, and performance enhancements. Since the IT department was managing everything IT-related internally, they didn’t have the time to do routine software upgrades.

The company needed security patches and software features to be updated. Fast.

Additionally, Somalogic was paying for Atlassian applications and add-on licenses on many separate invoices at varying times through the year. They needed a licensing strategy to help them manage all licenses and consolidate everything to 1 annual payment.

They needed help. That’s when 6kites came into the picture.

Beginning system treatment

With our proven methodology for Atlassian system upgrades, we came up with a simple yet impactful solution to help the software and teams get up to speed again. We focused SomaLogic’s Atlassian system upgrade on two things: getting all deployed tools updated and creating a best practice guide that will help them manage these tools by themselves moving forward. 

We conducted a system assessment to identify unusual configurations and collect data to drive license consolidation and tool upgrades, ensuring the latest versions were in use across the board. To assist with managing upgrades in the future and ensure they were maximizing use of these tools, we also prepared a reference guide to standardize these procedures.

With our well-documented methodologies, SomaLogic experienced a more detailed and efficient system upgrade process and was ready to tackle even more initiatives using the Atlassian tools.

SomaLogic’s promising growth

After helping SomaLogic upgrade its Atlassian platform and align company-wide license installations, it can now focus on what’s important: innovating the healthcare industry with ground-breaking proteomics solutions.   

So, whether you have large or microscopic mission-critical Atlassian systems, it pays to get them optimized by a team of experts. As a leading Solution Partner, we’re ready to accurately diagnose issues and quickly implement best practices to deliver a powerful platform that can fuel your company’s growth. 

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