Brandwatch brings the power of social listening into Hootsuite

At a Glance:

The world’s leading social listening platform, Brandwatch wanted to put its platform at the fingertips of Hootsuite’s 16 million users.

A smart move for social intelligence

Brandwatch, the #1 digital consumer intelligence platform, gives businesses the power to monitor more than 95 million online sources to see what’s being said about their brands, people, and products. The company’s social listening platform is used by over 1,200 leading brands, including Pepsi, IBM, Unilever, Whirlpool, British Airways, Walmart and Dell.

In 2013, Brandwatch’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) sought to extend the company’s social listening solution into Hootsuite’s social media management platform. This would give Hootsuite’s users access to advanced social listening and analytics capabilities—all from within the Hootsuite dashboard. And it would provide a foundation for a stronger partnership between the two platform leaders.

The sound of opportunity

Brandwatch’s leaders knew that extending the company’s social listening platform into Hootsuite would enable brands to respond to their audiences with greater speed and intelligence. This integration would immediately benefit existing customers; plus, it would open the door to new opportunities within the world’s leading social media management platform.

Yet, like many product teams, Brandwatch’s developers were focused on the core platform and lacked expertise in Hootsuite. They decided to work with an experienced Hootsuite Partner and asked Hootsuite which one would be best suited for the job.

6kites was the clear choice. We’ve worked with Hootsuite for nearly a decade, assisting with strategic development projects for Hootsuite and the company’s most important customers.

Powering up the Hootsuite dashboard

Brandwatch had the ambitious goal of recreating the Brandwatch user experience within the Hootsuite platform. 

This was no small feat. It required implementing real-time charts, filters and actions, applying tags and categories, and creating workflows and assignments—all within a small window inside Hootsuite. In addition to these functional requirements, Brandwatch wanted the new app to look just as beautiful and intuitive as its own platform.

The relationship between design and implementation can be tricky to navigate at a technical level. But 6kites’ designers and software architects like a good challenge. We partnered closely with the customer’s UX design team to ensure that the new application delivered the same great user experience as the Brandwatch platform.

With the Brandwatch app built by 6kites, Hootsuite users now have a powerful solution for tracking and analyzing brand mentions and market activity from over 95 million online sources, including blogs, forums, social networks, news, videos, and review sites. Advanced segmentation and filtering capabilities enable more targeted listening, while Brandwatch’s proprietary sentiment analysis system allows brand managers to quickly assess the tone and impact of brand mentions.

I’m thrilled for this Brandwatch integration and what it means for enterprise sales and customer support.

Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite

“The integration creates a platform that helps enterprises quickly, easily and efficiently scale for social business,” explained Giles Palmer, Brandwatch CEO and Founder. “Hootsuite’s powerful engagement and management capabilities perfectly complement our listening and analytics insights. This partnership provides the enterprise with the power to act on and respond to conversations in a smarter fashion, and by separating the signals from the noise, enables our customers to respond to threats and opportunities in the short timelines that social media demands.”

Building the amazing

The 6kites team partnered closely with Brandwatch to gather requirements, develop a solid architecture, build a product roadmap, and maintain and support the app throughout its lifecycle. Over the last seven years, we have rolled out routine, ongoing improvements, redesigned the user interface, and implemented multiple architectural and functional enhancements.

Along the way, we became Brandwatch’s go-to software development partner. In addition to the original Brandwatch app for Hootsuite, we have developed a Brandwatch analytics dashboard in Hootsuite, a custom monitoring solution for IBM, and a custom social listening app for the Pepsi executive team.

We are proud that Brandwatch entrusts us to architect and build amazing new capabilities for their most important customers. 

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