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Integrations can deliver powerful advantages. But building them isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes expertise in the platforms, first-hand experience with the APIs and their limitations, and a commitment to maintaining and improving the final product well beyond initial deployment.

That’s why innovation-driven companies all over the world trust 6kites with their integrations. We’ve mastered the platforms. Built deep, hard-earned expertise in connecting them to all kinds of applications. And brought it all together with an agile approach focused on delivering fast, and improving even faster.

6kites brings it all together

Platform expertise

Platform expertise

We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of our platform partners’ software better than anyone else.

Agile expertise

Agile expertise

We use our integration expertise and agile methodologies to ramp up and get you to deployment quickly.

Integration expertise

Integration expertise

Unique configurations, authentication, analytics, and more. We know all the little details that go into building great integrations.

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Bring your people, systems and data together in powerful new ways, with custom Atlassian integrations from 6kites.

Atlassian Integrations

Help your teams win by connecting the world’s #1 CRM platform to the tools they know and love.

Salesforce Integrations

Plug into the leading social media management platform and deliver business outcomes everyone “likes.”

Hootsuite Integrations

Integrate with the Adobe Creative Cloud platform to deliver amazing new digital experiences.

Adobe Creative Cloud Integrations

Tie all your IBM Watson applications together and develop smarter, insight-based marketing campaigns with IBM UBX integrations.

IBM Watson Integrations

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Integrated social media data from two market-leading platforms to meet their joint customers’ needs.
Helping one of the world’s leading automotive companies extract data from YouTube to visualize and manage hundreds of online video advertising campaigns.
We partnered with Adobe and Atlassian to develop an integration that connects designers working in Adobe Creative Cloud with product teams in Jira.
Enables marketers to run smarter campaigns by automatically sending survey responses from SurveyMonkey to Watson Campaign Automation databases.

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