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We're not just Atlassian experts. We're Agile experts too.

With Atlassian, you don’t just get a new toolset. You get a powerful new way of working. 6kites helps you get the most out of both, by tuning your business processes and systems to work together. Whether you’re deploying agile for the first time or scaling it across the enterprise, our experienced agile/SAFe consultants will help you take each step with confidence.

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We’ll review your processes, benchmark performance, and give you practical recommendations for getting the most out of your Atlassian investment.



Agile isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. When you work with 6kites, you’ll get a clear plan for evolving and scaling agile to meet your business’ goals.

Agile/SAFe Consulting

Agile/SAFe Consulting

Let our Certified Scrum Masters and SAFe consultants help you deploy the right framework, processes, and tools for your teams.



Don’t let a lack of governance sink your Atlassian investment. We’ll help you define the right policies and processes to manage your critical tools at scale.

Our proven formula for success

  • Discover


    Define goals, requirements, and workflows.

  • Roadmap


    Develop a roadmap for success over time.

  • Deploy


    Install, configure, and integrate software and apps.

  • Launch


    Deliver training and coaching to admins, users, and PMs.

  • Soar


    Provide exceptional support and continuous improvements.

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