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Agile/SAFe. DevOps. ITIL and ITSM. Everywhere you look, businesses are changing how they work to deliver value faster. It's a new era of transformation, where the ability to adapt and innovate at speed is the key to both growth and survival.

6kites specializes in helping enterprises thrive in the face of change. Over the years, our team of senior consultants, process experts, and engineers have helped some of the world's most innovative businesses deliver successful transformation projects.

6kites Advisory Services

AGILE/SAF<span class="normal-case">e</span> Transformation

AGILE/SAFe Transformation

Innovate faster, and scale agile across teams. 6kites combines expertise in popular agile tools, like Atlassian, with certifications in all the major frameworks. Whether you’re deploying agile for the first time or scaling it across teams, our consultants will help you avoid common pitfalls and reach agile maturity faster.

ITSM/ITIL Implementation

ITSM/ITIL Implementation

Deliver an amazing customer experience. In today’s world, time to resolution is just as important as time to market. Our ITSM/ITIL experts will help you reengineer service management, deploy and optimize the right tools, and transform your customer experience.

IT Governance

IT Governance

Whether you need to meet unique regulatory requirements or simply ensure that tools you deploy are scalable, effective governance is the key to ensuring the long-term success of your digital transformation initiatives. Our consultants can help, with expert guidance based on best practices and real-world experience.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Unleash the full potential of your data. Whether you need custom integrations or custom dashboards, our engineers can help you measure what matters and drive ongoing improvements to your processes, tooling, and business.

How We

Our approach is anchored by a set of guiding principles for successful transformation and modernization projects.

Be hands on, not theoretical

People, process, tool alignment

Go faster by focusing on reducing drag

Adopt industry best practices at the appropriate level of maturity

Use Agile to be agile

Gain efficiencies with tool optimization

Balance innovation and stability through governance

Measure outcomes and value creation

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