6kites | How to Hire the Best Partner for your Mobile App Development

So many companies today launch inadequate, unsupported, and rushed mobile apps, but find themselves sorely disappointed with the result. Or, organizations will deploy an app, but fall short on maintenance and bug fixes, leaving users frustrated.

That’s why selecting the right mobile app development firm is so important; you have the vision, and the right development partner has the technical expertise and experience with the unique nature of mobile development to take you where you want to be.

Mobile App Development – The Right Way

It’s easy to rush into mobile app development, and even easier to get a sloppy result. Did you know that users abandon 26 percent of apps after their first use? This is the last thing you want for your app, which means that carefully considering your strategy and roadmap before development is a must.

More specifically, we advise our customers to lay out a game plan that will help with the following:

  • Accurately estimate cost, so you don’t come up shorthanded halfway through development
  • Accurately estimate your timeline, so you deploy on time
  • Keep your commitments to your stakeholders
  • Prioritize what you need to include in V1, and what can wait for later deployments
  • Determine pricing, marketing, or advertising strategies
  • Establish the right metrics to be captured by your app analytics platform
  • Determine whether you’ll need to integrate third-party platforms
  • Estimate the ongoing costs for supporting and improving the app after initial release

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen companies make is to not fully consider having the right partner to help maintain the app down the line. This means supporting the infrastructure, working out bugs, managing updates when Apple or Google update their operating systems and advising and executing future updates.

Mobile App Development is an Investment

We’ve been building apps since 2011, and we have yet to find a way to build an exceptional piece of software that doesn’t require a fair amount of investment. You can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars on a basic app, with enterprises sometimes spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in mobile app development.

But this makes sense for a couple of reasons.

First, a high-quality mobile app requires a skilled team of experts, from designers to software engineers, and everyone in between (all of whom must be compensated for their work). When you collaborate with a top development firm, you increase your odds of success because you are likely working with people who have degrees in software engineering, or decades of experience building and managing software. They have made significant investments in developing their skills so that their work meets the highest standards. Second, when you make the right investment from the start, you can expect a good ROI from an effective and well-designed app.

Know the Pitfalls Before Development Begins

As with any major project you undertake, understanding the landscape and potential pitfalls is a critical component of building your mobile app development strategy. This is about risk management. Some of the risks of the mobile development environment include:

  • Users’ expectations are always changing (and always rising) – The percentage of users willing to give a mobile app a second or third chance after being disappointed was 79 and 16 percent respectively, and users have only become more critical with time
  • Development tools and mobile operating systems are ever-changing, and it’s easy to fall behind
  • User growth can be unpredictable and slower than expected
  • Security risks are always evolving

Becoming informed about potential risks will help you gain a better understanding of the mobile development industry and help you ask the right questions when you’re ready to choose a mobile app development partner. Risk management is much more effective with a partner you can trust and who intimately understands this environment.  Don’t be afraid to ask potential development partners how they will handle these hurdles. Think of it like a job interview; your ideal candidate will have the skills necessary to overcome these obstacles.

No matter who you choose, you need to make sure that they not only stand behind their finished product but that they support it. Post-launch support is easy to overlook, but extraordinarily difficult to establish as an afterthought.

Final Thoughts

Again, you are the expert for your product. Finding an experienced partner with equal expertise in mobile app development can help you succeed in the growing and rapidly changing mobile industry.

At 6kites, we understand the landscape of mobile app development, and have solid experience managing risk and developing extraordinary software for our customers. Partnering with us is an investment not only in exceptional software but the finished product for its entire life cycle.

We’ll help you lay out a strategy, execute and develop your app, and support that product. Learn more about our development process and how we build lasting relationships with experts like you by contacting us today.

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