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Atlassian Consultant

About 6kites

6kites helps business teams use software to improve their operations and maximize their potential. Whether we are helping companies fully utilize their investments in our platform partner’s products, or building custom applications that meet our customer’s unique requirements, we earn trust by combining expert knowledge with exceptional service. Today, 6kites’ platform partners include Adobe, Atlassian, Hootsuite, IBM, and Salesforce. In all that we do, our goal is to “blow away” everyone we interact with.

About the position

6kites is seeking an Atlassian Consultant to join our team. The ideal candidate is someone who will show initiative and leadership to help 6kites meet our objective of being one of the top Atlassian Solution partners. In this position, you’ll work directly with 6kites customers to implement the Atlassian suite of applications, including Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and others. At least 2 years experience with the Atlassian applications, 4 – 8 years of experience managing and maintaining server applications and the related technologies and well versed in the Linux and Windows operating systems. You must be comfortable working directly with customers and partners, meeting tight deadlines, multitasking and context switching, be able to excel in a fast-paced environment, and show an eagerness to take on ever-increasing responsibilities. We operate as a distributed co-virtual team, so being productive as a remote employee is essential.


  • Install, configure, manage and maintain the entire Atlassian suite of applications

  • Configure server platforms running Linux and Windows

  • Install, manage and maintain databases running on some of the most common database platforms

  • Manage and maintain existing customer systems

  • Manage and maintain Atlassian application instances running in the Atlassian cloud

  • Assist with customer service and support for existing customer systems

  • Manage projects and maintain customer communication

  • Assist with planning, requirements gathering and other pre-implementation tasks

  • Provide user and admin training on the use and management of Atlassian tools

  • Adhere to industry best practices, processes, and standards

  • Become an accredited Atlassian Technical Sales Professional (requires 2 Atlassian technical certifications)

Preferred experience

  • Strong knowledge of the Linux and Windows operating systems

  • Experience with Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle

  • Experience with database driven server-based applications

  • Knowledge of TCP/IP networking

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of application and network security

  • Ability to understand a customer’s business objectives, vision and goals, and to translate these into application requirements and specifications

  • Embrace working with a variety of technical and non-technical customers and team members

  • Comfortable moving between technologies, expanding skills, and eager to learn and take on new challenges

  • Admin experience with Jira, Confluence or any of the Atlassian suite of products

  • Bonus: Comfortable working in an agile environment with scrum/agile planning

  • Bonus: DevOps experience including a familiarity with Git and setting up development and production environments, installing packages, deploying code, shell scripting and automating tasks

  • B.S. or B.A. in Computer Science or Engineering disciplines or equivalent experience

Co-virtual work environment

At 6kites we’ve come up with a way to combine the best aspects of working virtually, with the power of co-working facilities. We call our model “Co-Virtual.” Our Co-Virtual environment combines working remotely with face-to-face time as often as possible. So, you might be at home, a co-working facility we pay for, on a beach (working of course), or on Mars (good luck!). What matters is that we are constantly collaborating via a set of well-proven technologies, and bonding as a team regardless of where we are. Co-Virtual works well for many people, but it does require a great deal of discipline, focus, and comfort working independently.


We believe in creating an environment where happiness at work is a core value, not just lip service. We are committed to ongoing learning, being proud of our work, competitive pay and benefits, living a balanced life, having fun, and building a team bound together by shared core values.

Pledge 1%

6kites is also a proud member of Pledge 1%, so our employees are encouraged and supported to pursue interests in giving back to their communities.

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