Welcome to the (new) 6kites Blog

In 2008, I was working on a short-term consulting project “between gigs,” and that work ultimately grew into what became known as 6kites in 2010. Over these last 8 years, I have watched our company’s service offerings evolve considerably, but what hasn’t changed is our core strategy of aligning everything we do to our #1 key strategic metric: “Return on Relationship.”

This latest manifestation of the 6kites blog (yes, there were others before) is tied directly to our commitment to building and maintaining relationships with our customers that return results for everyone year-over-year.

We believe that by sharing information we can help everyone do their job better and that this leads to success.

As the blog develops, you will see that our goal is to provide expert advice and valuable industry insights.  We want to help our readers:

  • Understand how to get the most out of their investments in platforms such as Atlassian, Hootsuite, IBM Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce.
  • Navigate the increasingly complex world of software and application development, and understand best practices for building exceptional software.
  • Learn how 6kites is building a “Co-Virtual” work environment, centered around agile methods and core values – further allowing us to build a talented, happy, and highly efficient team.

We aim to help our customers “soar higher” than the competition and will dedicate ourselves to bringing this same skyward philosophy to every blog post.

Happy reading!

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