Techstars Anywhere Accelerator Program

For the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to be a Techstars mentor. This year, I’m excited to announce I’ve agreed to be a mentor for their new Techstars Anywhere program.

So what exactly is Techstars Anywhere? It’s a new program that brings the full Techstars accelerator experience directly to the founder. It’s unique in that the program is completely virtual. The mentors and founders communicate virtually, and many of the companies utilize virtual teams. This is a natural fit for me since my team at 6kites has adopted a “co-virtual model” by combining distributed teams and co-working facilities. The way we work is evolving, and Techstars understands that. That is why I want to help move this program forward and experiment with building exceptional teams however and wherever they are located.

What I love about Techstars is that their approach is centered around learning, innovating and experimenting. I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring so many exceptional up-and-coming founders looking to collaborate and get their business ventures off the ground. They inspire me to keep growing and improving – in both my business and myself.

Part of my personal growth and improvement involves giving back to a community and an industry I’ve been fortunate enough to be successful in. I’m proud of the businesses I’ve built, and I believe my professional life would be incomplete if I didn’t share my knowledge with those who seek it.

That said, I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the new Techstars Anywhere program and look forward to meeting the new entrepreneurs who are crazy enough to take the path less traveled!

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