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Atlassian License Management

Designed to scale with enterprise needs, the Atlassian platform offers flexible licensing models to support all levels of software deployment. Whether you choose Cloud, Data Center, or Server, you can freely evaluate the products and purchase them under one common Atlassian Software License Agreement

Atlassian tools are a major investment in innovation for many enterprises. Like any investment, it pays to develop a clear plan and unified strategy for managing licenses, including third-party apps, across the organization.

This isn’t easy. Keeping track of licensing intervals for different software. Evaluating business priorities to determine when to upgrade or downgrade user count. Moving from the Atlassian Stack offering to individual software licensing. All of these tasks can be time-consuming and complicated, especially in large organizations with multiple teams using different tools and apps.

That’s why experienced leaders choose to outsource license management to Atlassian Solution Partners like 6kites. We can help you choose the best licensing model to support your organization’s growth plans, unify licensing across teams to minimize costs, manage renewals, and effectively support it all to ensure that you get the most out of your tools and teams.

Below, you’ll learn more about Atlassian licensing models, key considerations for license management, and how 6kites can helps organizations like yours with our Exceptional Support Plan.

Atlassian Licensing: A Strategic Investment to Support Your Growing Teams

The basic licensing models for all Atlassian products are as below:

PricingEvaluationPurchasing and Installation
Cloud Subscriptions
  • Monthly or annual subscription.
  • Freely switch between subscription plans.
  • Billing as per active users. You need to deactivate inactive accounts to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Use the Cloud Calculator to estimate the product costs.
  • Initial free 7-day trial.
  • 30-day extension of the evaluation period.
  • 30-day money back guarantee following the evaluation period.
  • Billed manually or automatically.
  • Subscriptions can run monthly or annual. Any purchase through a partner is an annual subscription.
Data Center Term Licenses
  • Annual term subscription  per instance.
  • Comes with an expiration period
  • You can enjoy a discounted price for upgrades from server license.
  • Renewal cost is same as the original annual term.
  • Activate Data Center evaluation license to start the free 30-day trial.
  • Self-hosted on internal systems, AWS or Azure.
  • Data Center apps can be installed in a multi-node environment.
  • Data Center licensing utilizes a subscription model which is paid in 12 month increments.
Server Licenses
  • Perpetual license
  • Maintenance fee for the subsequent years.
  • Pricing changes as you move up the user tier.
  • Signup for a free 30-day trial.
  • Extended period up to 90 days.
  • License key can be purchased at the end of the evaluation period.
  • New license purchases include a 12 month maintenance period.
  • Maintenance renewal is for 12 month periods.

When selecting your licensing model, you should assess the number of users, operational needs, and administrative requirements to determine the most cost-effective deployment option for your organization. Especially for enterprise-wide adoption, you should consider the effort required for application setup, maintenance, user growth, and customization, as well as potential downtime that might affect your business.

For example, if you are piloting discrete agile teams with Atlassian, choosing a Cloud deployment would be ideal, since it’s rather simple to get the system up and running. The software can quickly scale up or down, depending on your team size. However, if you require extensive customization or compliance requirements (FedRAMP, HIPAA, etc), you may want to choose Server or Data Center.

It’s important to constantly evaluate your licenses and system scalability as your team grows. This requires a strategic approach to license management to ensure that you’re still using the most appropriate licensing model, your Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps are coordinated across teams, and your licensing tier is correctly sized for your business. 

Get More from Your Atlassian Investment with 6kites License Management Service

Atlassian is critical to keeping your business running. So, your job doesn’t just stop when you purchase the software. In addition to establishing Atlassian Governance to ensure a unified deployment, you need to continuously evaluate licensing to avoid unnecessary costs.

Sounds great! But why should I outsource Atlassian licensing to a solution partner?

We’re glad you asked.

As a solution partner, 6kites can help you evaluate the best licensing to fit your growth, now and in the future, while simplifying the purchasing process and renewal plans, assessing user activity to determine the appropriate license tier for your organization, and more.

Here’s exactly how we can help:

Evaluate New Licenses Evaluate New Licenses

If you are new to Atlassian, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of deployment options. Our experienced Atlassian consultants will help you develop a clear roadmap for your tools, select the right solutions, and deploy with confidence.

Existing Atlassian customers will benefit from an expert evaluation of your systems and requirements to identify potential cost savings, select the right user tier, and evaluate upgrade options.

Unifying Licensing Unifying Licensing Across the Enterprise

Once Atlassian begins to scale across the organization, many businesses lose track of the various Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps used by their teams. This can be a costly problem, resulting in businesses paying for multiple licenses when one correctly-sized licensing tier would do. It can also cause governance issues with teams using different apps to accomplish the same function (e.g., time tracking). 

This is where it really pays to work with an Atlassian Solution Partner. We’ll help evaluate your complete environment, identify opportunities to improve governance and save costs through unified license management, and help you avoid the organizational headaches of building and driving a clear roadmap and policies for your business.

Interval License Renewals Managing Interval License Renewals

Every software deployment, including Marketplace apps, comes with a 12 month validation period. Keeping track of all these licenses can be a hassle. We offer co-terming service to let you adapt all your product interval renewals into a single order. You will be notified by our team two months before the expiry date to avoid interruption.

Expert Support Dedicated Expert Support

To help you get the most out of your Atlassian investment, we offer periodic assessments to determine if you need to upgrade to the next tier or downgrade your instance.

If you are an existing Atlassian Stack customer, we’ll help you evaluate all your products to proceed with individual licensing once you reach Atlassian Stack end-of-life. We will also keep you on top of any security vulnerabilities as part of the support plan so that you can leverage our full service from start to finish.

Move Your Business Forward with a Sustainable Atlassian Deployment

With 6kites’ Exceptional Atlassian Support package, you can rest assured that your Atlassian technology stack is always performing at its best, at any scale. We’ll help you manage everything from your native Atlassian software like Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket to your Marketplace Apps.

Contact us today to learn more about our support packages and how we can help you with all of your licensing needs.

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