Atlassian Health Check: Performance Optimization for Growth

atlassian healthcheck

Is your Jira Software running slowly? Are your teams encountering repeated system errors, or complaining about missing data? Then it’s time for your Atlassian systems to have a check-up. 

Customized for your Atlassian instances, 6kites’ Routine Health Check is essential to keeping your Atlassian tools in good health. Below, we will deep dive into common symptoms of unhealthy Atlassian systems, how to diagnose them, and best practices for keeping your tools in the best shape possible.

Why Are Routine Health Checks Important to Your Atlassian Instances?

In most organizations, Atlassian systems are mission-critical. They are the tools used to plan, build, deploy, and manage the next software release, customer support tickets, sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, and more. They’re the backbone for collaboration and innovation. 

Yet, we often see organizations struggle to maintain stable operation of these mission-critical systems. They delegate administration to overworked and inexpert IT staff. They push systems to handle an ever-growing array of issues, third-party apps, and custom configurations. And then they ignore early warning signs like slow performance and error messages. 

At best, these accumulating problems are an annoyance and drag on productivity. At worst, they can be precursors for much bigger problems that can shutdown entire teams or prevent you from taking your systems to scale.

Just like humvees, airplanes, and rockets, the key to keeping your mission-critical systems running is conducting routine health checks. This simple step, performed regularly, can save you from all kinds of headaches, while enabling your teams to innovate at the full speed of Agile.

How Do I Know If I Need a System Check?

Similar to car maintenance, you shouldn’t wait until something breaks before you start evaluating your Atlassian system performance. 

Atlassian health checks are a lot like automotive tune-ups. When you take your car to the mechanic, they change the oil and air filter and check the various components to see if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. Doing this proactively helps you avoid costly, reactive repairs, as well as the inconvenience of an unexpected breakdown. 

atlassian health check

The Atlassian Health Check program does the same. It helps to uncover hidden issues that may not immediately be affecting system operation but over time can snowball into more serious system defects that directly impact your project deliverables and outcomes.

For instance, you may have various third-party apps installed that you’ve forgotten even exist. When your system runs into problems, you wouldn’t know if one of these apps might be the culprit, given the number of possible application configurations. Conducting a Routine Health Check would inform you of the inactive apps, so that you can stay on top of things and keep the system healthy. 

What Symptoms Should I Look for?

Some of the early symptoms that you can’t afford to ignore include: 

  • Slow performance: Are slow systems dragging down your team’s productivity? There could be a lot of different reasons for this, ranging from low disk space to database collation. A health check will help you diagnose the problem and get your systems running at full speed again. 
  • Data points missing: Imagine losing all your Jira issues overnight after a system upgrade, corrupted index, or worse, unknown root cause. Yes, that could happen. A health check can help you avoid potentially catastrophic losses and, in the worst case, identify the reason your data is missing to aid in recovery. 
  • Repeated errors: Do your users encounter the same error messages over and over again? These can seem like a minor annoyance to users and go unaddressed. However, they are often early warning signs of bigger problems to come. A simple health check is the quickest way to diagnose the issue and get your systems working properly again.

Beyond addressing system problems, a Routine Health Check is the key to unleashing the full power of your Atlassian systems. Based on our insights into your current system usage, we’ll be able to clear logs, while providing recommendations for optimizing workflows, custom field configurations, and more. As a result, you’ll have healthy, fully optimized software to deliver more projects and scale without risk. 

Get Routine Health Checks with 6kites Exceptional Support Packages

Health checks are a standard service we deliver in most of our Exceptional Support Packages. The frequency of health checks depends on the package tier you select.

Our team of certified Atlassian experts will deep dive into all of your Atlassian products (depending on your chosen support package) to perform an audit. We provide a complete application check and system monitoring to ensure that no critical information falls through the cracks. 

Routine Health Checks Ensure Your Systems Are Ready for the Future

When you perform regular health checks of your Atlassian systems, you’ll be able to spend less time dealing with problems and more time focusing on innovation. 

Our Routine Health Check report gives you a convenient way to ensure that your systems are healthy, scalable, and comply with the latest Atlassian enhancements. Besides, you will receive a prescriptive action plan that can fit into your development roadmap, including tracking of the initial Health Check report to monitor and optimize long-term performance.

6kites’ Exceptional Support services give you a lot more than a health check report. They give you a team of Atlassian-certified experts focused on ensuring that your systems are ready to scale and support your future needs. 

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