Neenah and Smartsheet for Adobe Creative Cloud: The Art and Science of Creativity

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During the annual Adobe MAX conference last month, the world’s leading creative platform, Adobe, welcomed two 6kites’ developed apps to its Exchange Apps Marketplace: Neenah Swatch Pro and Smartsheet.

As an official Adobe Developer Ecosystem Partner, we are excited to add these new extensions to our portfolio of custom Adobe integrations.

Learn more about Neenah Swatch Pro and Smartsheet for Adobe Creative Cloud below.

Neenah Swatch Pro

To help designers streamline the design and print processes, this first-ever paper extension brings hundreds of colors and textures from Neenah’s paper collections to Adobe Illustrator. Now you can easily add a paper layer into your artwork to review it on the actual printing papers.

Why it matters?

Frustrated with a final printed product that departs from your original artwork? You are not alone. Traditionally, designers need to scan papers or capture photos to communicate their vision with clients or printers. This process can be time-consuming, and it’s not always accurate. With the Neenah Swatch Pro extension, you can drag and drop a paper layer to create print-ready artwork in seconds.

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We are proud to work with Smartsheet, the world’s leading work management platform, to bring their collaboration features to Adobe Creative Cloud. This extension enables a bigger picture workflow for creative teams across the Adobe suite. You can now access, review, and annotate creative content for seamless campaign management.

Why it matters?

Smartsheet content platform allows all stakeholders to create and edit artwork within a single application. No more back-and-forth feedback loop and siloed information; designers can now iterate their work in an agile fashion. Comments and changes to the artwork are auditable to ensure error-free turnaround.

Smartsheet is available in private beta for Adobe Creative Cloud.

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