6kites Takes Home Atlassian’s Top Business Team Add-on

6kites is proud to announce we won the Top Business Team Add-ons category in Atlassian’s Codegeist hackathon for our integration with JIRA Service Desk and Hootsuite. Codegeist is Atlassian’s add-on hackathon, with thousands of developers involved over that last several years. Entries are judged by several top executives, including Atlassian’s founder and the Atlassian community. As one top Atlassian put it, “Winning this is a big deal!”

Now marketing and DevOps teams are perfectly aligned

Hootsuite is a Social Media Management Dashboard. It allows social media teams to monitor Twitter @mentions, Facebook wall posts, and comments on any number of social media networks. Atlassian JIRA Service Desk enables users to request help and agents to deliver efficiently with SLAs.

We’ve created a combination of a Hootsuite app and a JIRA Service Desk add-on to allow two-way collaboration between marketing teams in Hootsuite and devops teams in JIRA Service Desk.

Marketing teams live in Hootsuite, and now with our integration the marketing team can quickly spot a troublesome tweet and create a JIRA Service Desk ticket so the DevOps team can squash the bug. And they can do this without leaving Hootsuite!

Check it out…

Open issue in JIRA Service Desk
Create JIRA Service Desk issues directly from Hootsuite

But how does the marketing team know if an issue is already being worked on? Or if an issue is resolved so they can tweet the world that all is well?

We have that covered as well. The second part to the integration is that it feeds information from JIRA Service Desk back to Hootsuite. (As we mentioned, this is where the marketing team lives.) Now the marketing team knows what tickets are open, and when something is resolved they can quickly send a tweet from Hootsuite to spread the word that things are back on track.

JIRA Service Desk Stream from Hootsuite

And with that, teams are supporting each other seamlessly in their tool of choice!

We’re proud of our work and believe that teams will find it greatly streamlines their daily operations.

We want to thank the Atlassian team for hosting Connect Week. Connect Week is an amazing opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about building Atlassian integrations. Given that the best way to learn is by doing, we wanted to use the week to build a real, useful integration.

This enabled us to get a tremendous amount of work done in a very short time. As a result, we were able to quickly enter the Codegeist contest – and we won!

And the coolest part for us: Our app was shown off to about 4,000 Atlassian customers and partners at Atlassian’s Summit last fall.  That’s big time in our world!

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