6kites Launches Advisory Services: Helping Customers Innovate Faster

6kites Advisory Services

At 6kites, we believe that the key to success in today’s ever-changing world lies in a company’s ability to embrace change and innovate faster than the competition. That’s why our core mission is to empower businesses to innovate and soar in an agile world.

Historically 6kites has done this by being experts at helping our customers with software development, platform specialization, and expertise with market-leading IT/ALM tools. Today, 6kites is announcing the launch of a new Advisory Services practice that will complement and extend our existing capabilities and partnerships.

With our new Advisory Services practice, 6kites can now provide our customers with a more comprehensive approach to aligning people, processes, and tools to release more innovative software and provide superior IT service faster than ever before.

By aligning people, processes, and tools, businesses can rapidly innovate and deliver value.

The Next Logical Step for 6kites

Over the past decade, we have had the opportunity to help some of the world’s top brands and most innovative companies transform their businesses using software from our platform partners, as well as custom software and integrations that we’ve developed. In addition to these core capabilities, we have been increasingly asked to help glue the broader picture together in terms of how the interplay of people, processes, and tools can be optimized to increase the speed of innovation.

Like many innovative companies, our customers are looking for a more holistic approach to their digital business strategy implementations. They are finding that the transformation journey is slower than they would like it to be because there are significant bottlenecks that hold up the rate of progress between an innovative idea and the realization of that idea in the hands of a customer.

After years of informally helping our customers extend their in-house capabilities, it has become clear that we needed to expand our service offering by formally launching the Advisory Services practice.

This new practice area works hand-in-hand with our existing practice areas that specialize in Atlassian consulting and custom software development. Additionally, it is well-aligned with our partner-centric growth strategy, fueled by our relationships and certifications with Atlassian, Adobe, Salesforce, and others.  We will be announcing additional partners in the coming months.

Transformational Consulting for Fast-Innovating Companies

From the founding of our company, we have valued straight talk over buzz words. So, what the launch of the Advisory Services really means is that we are now better equipped to respond to the very challenging question, “How can you help my organization get more sh*t done, and faster?”

In short: We will partner with our customers to eliminate bottlenecks so that things move through the “pipeline” more quickly. Organizational drag – the accumulation of process inefficiencies within a successful and mature business – is one of the biggest impediments to effective digital transformation and, according to IDC costs businesses as much as 20 to 30 percent of annual revenue. That’s why we are focusing on helping companies become more efficient in the areas of:

  • Scaling agile software delivery processes
  • Embracing customer-centric, design-driven software development
  • Optimizing how current tools are being used
  • Identifying and achieving IT service goals as a company evolves
  • Rolling out new IT tools that support a Cloud-First strategy
  • Improving visibility into project status, resourcing, and metrics

6kites’ Advisory Service practice is led by our team of senior consultants, all of whom have executive-level experience guiding organizations through digital transformations of all shapes and sizes. Along with our deep hands-on experience with transformations, we have also formed a series of key partnerships with companies who, together with 6kites, form the core set of expertise that our customers need in order to soar.

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