6kites Builds Innovative AI-Powered App for Jira Cloud

Award Winning app combines AI and Automation to boost service quality

As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to transform the way we use our technology tools, the potential for innovation skyrockets. 6kites has developed a Jira Cloud add-on to take Jira’s existing automation to the next level through intelligent image recognition. Our Intelligent Image Classifier app, developed as part of Atlassian’s global Codegeist hackathon using their revolutionary Forge development platform, empowers organizations by bringing artificial intelligence into their existing Jira instances. 6kites was once again named a Codegeist winner, recognized in the IT category of this year’s competition.

Our cloud-based Intelligent Image Classifier application allows teams to automatically classify issues using multiple artificial intelligence algorithms, based on the AWS Rekognition platform. The Jira add-on can improve user experience in searchability, automation, and issue classification by filtering them based on detected text or content within an image attached to a Jira ticket.

Given our expertise in the Atlassian ecosystem, it seemed like a perfect fit for us to apply these skills in a way that would add significant value for end users.

Phil Maddaloni, 6kites CTO

When asked about Intelligent Image Classifier, 6kites CTO Phil Maddaloni said, “We had been working with machine learning and AWS on some recent projects. Given our expertise in the Atlassian ecosystem, it seemed like a perfect fit for us to apply these skills in a way that would add significant value for end users.”

6kites has discovered many use cases for the Intelligent Image Classifier, but the initial need was brought to the company by a local municipality. They wanted to improve service to their residents by identifying certain types of “work items” within their town, and classifying them based on content attached to tickets submitted through their Jira Service Management portal.

Application Potential for Improved Customer Service

We’ll explore a common application of this app with the story of Mrs. Smith and her cat, Mittens:

Mittens has gotten stuck in her oak tree in the backyard! Mrs. Smith quickly takes action, snapping a picture of Mittens and submitting a ticket with the picture through the municipality’s Jira Service Management platform. Intelligent Image Classifier automatically starts processing information. The app scans the picture of Mittens and recognizes the animal, even picking up text from a nearby street sign and adding that to the ticket. It automatically assigns the ticket to Animal Control’s service desk. Animal Control immediately dispatches a vehicle to the scene to rescue Mittens. Intelligent Image Classifier saves the day, streamlines the process, and Mrs. Smith is a happy citizen.

Later, the municipality completes an annual review of how its Animal Control department performed, and how many calls were serviced. To do so, an Atlassian administrator quickly and easily searches keywords like “cat”, “dog”, “animal”, “coyote,” etc. to find how many issues were automatically tagged with these keywords.

Future Uses with Image Recognition

In addition to image recognition and issue tagging, Intelligent Image Classifier can scan images for file types and integrate with Jira’s existing automation to incorporate into issue filters and customize Agile boards. Soon, the app will be able to automatically hide detected explicit content based on targeted words and images. These use cases all improve overall user experience and security.

6kites is dedicated to developing innovative software for our customers, and we are excited to be recognized for our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities by one of our most innovative and foundational partners, Atlassian. Learn more about how 6kites can bring Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your organization, propelling innovation forward through exceptional software development.

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