We propel innovation forward to create a more amazing world.

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At 6kites, we strive to amaze you.

Over the years, businesses of all shapes and sizes have counted on 6kites to tackle their biggest challenges. Our world-class team of experts knows what it takes to push the envelope of innovation and deliver the amazing. And above all, we strive to build trust by delivering an unmatched level of collaboration and exceptional service. These promises are at the heart of what 6kites is all about.

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When you work with 6kites, you benefit from the collective experience of our deep partner network.

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Work with a group of innovators who are pushing technology forward every day.

Our methods are
aimed at blowing
you away.

This isn’t lip service, and it doesn’t happen by accident. At 6kites, it’s a way of doing business rooted in being passionate about customer success and knowing that teamwork is the best way to tap into our collective highest potential.

“Blowing you away” is at the heart of our mission and values. Work with us, and you’ll see it in every interaction, every standup meeting, and every project.

Put customers first
Put customers first
Exceed expectations
Exceed expectations
Set high standards
Set high standards
Think ahead
Think ahead

Our vision

6kites envisions a world where today’s innovations spark fresh ideas that lead to the emergence of new amazing technologies. We see the innovation cycle feeding on itself, with no end in sight to what’s possible.

We also believe that technology holds the answer to many of mankind’s biggest problems. In it, we see the tools to create a more responsive world. We see efficiency. We see connections. We see a world where people and businesses never cease to amaze.

We help make all of this possible by enabling companies to increase their agility and innovate faster. Our vision is to propel innovation forward to advance businesses and mankind.

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6kites is a proud member of Pledge 1%. Our company and employees give 1% of their time, energy, and resources to commit ourselves as true stakeholders in our community.
6kites is a corporate member of the Agile Alliance. We believe strongly in the Agile methodology and utilize it throughout all facets of our company.

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