IBM Universal Behavior Exchange Partner

Custom UBX Apps by 6kites

IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) enables the delivery of exceptional experiences for customers across the entire buyer journey by leveraging a vast pool of behavioral data. Together, UBX and IBM Marketing Solutions make it easier to design meaningful customer experiences across applications.

UBX is an open exchange that instantly shares customer data between certified solutions, bypassing the custom IT work typically required to launch a personalized campaign and speeding time to market from weeks to just one day.

Design & Automate Customer Experiences

Use UBX to deliver consistent cross-channel experiences for

email, mobile, web and social.

Provide faster time to ROI

Achieve higher conversion rates by collecting customer interactions from

multiple sources.

Email Marketing

Easily create and edit highly relevant email content

Lead Management

Capture, qualify and nurture leads

Social Marketing

Engage with customers across social channels


Understand and report on customer behavior

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