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When it comes to putting your skills to work we want you to know what it means to be a 6kites Kite Flier.


We have our hands in a lot of cookie jars, so there are countless opportunities. Working at 6kites means you definitely never get bored. Growth opportunities are nearly endless if you have strong skills and the ability to work effectively with all kinds of people.

Shape the Future

You get to shape how we do things—there’s no preconceived “right answer.” All team members participate in strategy formation through bi-weekly conversations, and everyone’s input is highly valued. If you want to play an active role in setting the direction of the company you work for, then you will undoubtedly find that opportunity here.

Grow & Adapt

We are constantly adapting and developing how we work and what we do. We’re looking for people who are comfortable working within the systems we have, but also interested in helping us shape and improve what we do every day.


We seek out projects that challenge us and help us grow as a company. To be specific, 6kites sales efforts are aligned to bringing in work that fits our capabilities and desires for learning and growth. We don’t take work simply to meet sales goals.


We’re a fun bunch. A bit sarcastic (so be warned). We try to keep things light while busting our butts to meet our commitments. Approximately every month we do a “team night out”. We take turns organizing something fun on the company dime.

Social Glue

“Social Glue” is a big deal to us. What’s a “Social Glue” you ask? It’s a framework for attracting and retaining high performers by taking into account that everyone has different things that drive them to perform well. We take the time to create personalized professional development plans so employees always have the opportunity to learn and grow. A big part of our Social Glue is our commitment to work/life balance. Everyone here understands we have a life outside of 6kites, and we’ll always do what we can to help our co-workers juggle life’s demands.

What matters most in becoming a Kite Flier is your ability to Blow People Away! In fact, “blowing people away” has a specific meaning at 6kites: putting customers first, thinking ahead, setting high standards, and exceeding expectations. When these attributes come together, work becomes a pleasure, customers see the results, and you enjoy a great working relationship with your co-workers.
Herb Morreale, Founder, 6kites
Our Co-Virtual Model
At 6kites we’ve come up with a way to combine the best aspects of working virtually, with the power of co-working facilities. We call our model “Co-Virtual.” Co-virtual is a combination of working remotely, and face-to-face time as often as possible. So you might be at home, a co-working facility we pay for, on a beach (working of course), or on Mars (good luck!). What matters is that we are constantly collaborating via a set of well-proven technologies, and bonding as a team regardless of where we are.


In our Co-Virtual world, we have the flexibility to work from wherever we want. Our commitment to Agile means there’s no shortage of collaboration regardless of location. We’ve found that our Co-Virtual model leads to extremely high levels of productivity and job satisfaction. That said, it takes discipline and being OK with a little less in-person interaction than other work environments. We think it’s a great way to work, and we’re looking for someone who thinks so, too.
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