[Infographic] 8 Step App Development Game Plan

Your strategies will fuel the development processes themselves – not just serve as an administrative roadmap. View the 8 step game plan here.

6 Years in the Making: Our Sprint Plan Agenda

We are always learning and tweaking, and our sprint plan agenda has become the single most impactful tool in our business, and we use it every day.

Essential App Development Strategies to Nail Down

Just like a killer business model, a strategic plan for app development will guide the success of your project, and it all starts with clarity.

Why Enterprise Engineering Teams Love HipChat

Because our team can collaborate and communicate more effectively, working with HipChat has a direct impact on the quality of service we provide our customers.

5 Tips for Evaluating Atlassian Add-Ons

There are thousands of add-ons for Atlassian applications uniquely designed to make the lives of developers, IT Staff, business professionals, and their customers easier.