Our Core Values
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6kites goal is to “Blow Away” everyone we interact with – our valued customers, dedicated employees, business partners, potential new customers, and the communities where we work and live.

Being “Blown Away” is an experience – It’s something you feel! It’s not lip service, and it doesn’t happen by accident. At 6kites, it’s a way of doing business rooted in being passionate and knowing that teamwork is the best way to tap into our collective highest potential. We have a saying here, “Bring It! Everyday!” This is a reminder that when we start work each morning at 6kites we’re part of a team that aspires to be exceptional and feel proud of our work.

The cornerstones of our commitment to Blowing People Away…

Put Customers First
6kites’ culture puts our customers first – period. Whether it’s a question, an issue, or a full blown emergency, the 6kites team is there answer, respond, and pull all hands on deck when necessary. At all times we imagine our customers sitting beside us and ask ourselves, “What would they think about this conversation? How did this effort improve the customer experience?”

Think Ahead
Some call it “strategic thinking,” but we don’t like buzzwords. So, instead we refer to Thinking Ahead as a way of working where we have the vision to balance immediate needs with the necessary long-term outcomes. We proactively anticipate roadblocks before they happen so we don’t get run into major challenges and fall short of reaching the goals.

Set High Standards
Talented people bring out the best in everyone around them. We understand that when each of us are highly motivated and constantly challenging ourselves to improve our skills we meet our goal of having an outstanding company. It’s tiring at times, so we try hard to avoid falling into the trap of never feeling good enough. Fortunately, 6kites Agile Way is rooted in team commitments, allowing us to collectively set high standards and work together to make it happen.

Exceed Expectations
6kites isn’t satisfied with just meeting expectations, we strive to consistently exceed expectations from day one. We know that for us to exceed expectations we need to have the discipline to start with setting realistic goals. From there, we follow proven ways of working that lead to predictable outcomes, and set ourselves up to go the extra mile. When we hear, “Wow, I’m Blown Away,” we know we’re on track.


We help teams use software to improve their business operations. Whether it’s software we build to meet our customer’s unique requirements, or optimizing software from one of our market leading platform partners, our services provide new ways of accomplishing more in less time.

Founded 2010 in Boulder, Colorado

Customers in the U.S., Canada, and U.K, spanning the following industries: Aerospace, Consumer, Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, Software, Non-Profits

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6kites is a corporate member of the Agile Alliance. We believe strongly in the Agile methodology and utilize it through out all facets of our company.

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6kites is a proud member of Pledge 1%. Our company and its employees give 1% of their time, energy and resources to commit ourselves as true stakeholders in our community.

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